February 22, 2015

Farewell from the Bakersfield Home Education Conference

The last four years of planning and hosting the Bakersfield Home Education Conference has been truly wonderful.

We have met many families like ours that value the freedom and flexibility afforded by educating our children at home (or at the park, depending on the weather). Although the details of conference planning could sometimes be stressful, the "payoff" every year was enjoying your company, conversation and encouragement on Conference Day. Thank you for being a blessing to us each year!

We have made the difficult decision to end the Bakersfield Home Education Conference. Our decision was driven largely by the life circumstances in which we all find ourselves presently. The directors and their wives hold each other in high regard, and we are thankful to God for letting our families share this unique experience. Perhaps God will raise up someone local to carry the mantle we are leaving behind? We hope so.

May God bless your homeschooling adventures! Keep up the good work and long-term focus, moms and dads. We hope to see you again soon ... maybe at the park?

July 21, 2014

Understanding Your Child's Spiritual Bent: Slides from Todd Warren's Presentation

It was wonderful to have you all with us this past Saturday! Thank you for coming.

We had a number of requests for Todd Warren's PowerPoint slides from his presentation Understanding Your Child's Spiritual Bent.

Todd was gracious enough to share them with us, and we have placed them into a Dropbox file. Any of you who wish to can now download them to your computer using this link.

Also, please remember that if you have any feedback for us, or suggestions for future conferences, you can use our Contact Form.

July 15, 2014

A Big "Thank You!" to Our 2014 Sponsors

We are pleased to recognize the three sponsors of the 2014 conference! Without their support, this year’s conference could not happen. We are very appreciative of Dr. Linda Hansen at Quantum Chiropractic, Mike Williams at American Kids, and David Herrmann at Gardener’s Supply. Conference attendees are strongly encouraged to patronize these worthy businesses.

Here is a brief bio on each of them. Please visit their websites for more information.

Quantum Chiropractic

At Quantum Chiropractic, Dr. Linda Hansen helps her patients achieve optimum health through a variety of techniques, including Neurolink, nutrition, chiropractic care, hormonal balancing, Erchonia laser treatments, allergy elimination, energy balancing, custom orthotics, Koren Specific Technique, Emotion Code treatments and functional blood chemistry analysis. The techniques she uses all focus on removing blockages to the flow of energy in the body so that it can function optimally.

American Kids

Founded in 1984 as American Academy of Gymnastics, American Kids Sports Center (AKSC) has grown into one of California's most unique and successful kids sports centers. Under the direction of owners Mike and Sheri Williams, AKSC has established an organization whose purpose is to help children learn strong values with which they will set worthy goals and for which we must train them in the skills needed to achieve those goals. Sport training is the tool we use to achieve that purpose.

Gardener’s Supply

Since 1987, Gardener’s Supply has been specializing in products for soil fertility and the control of weeds, insects and fungi in the Bakersfield and Kern County area. We sell a great selection of custom blended fertilizers, soil conditioners and amendments, and pesticides. We also offer a wide variety of hand application equipment for liquid and granular products. Our customers include maintenance gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners. Come in to see our full selection of products. Helpful and informative staff are here to help your lawn and landscape look its very best!

July 11, 2014

Free Conference Tickets!

Over the next few days, we’re hosting a contest on our Facebook page to give away a few free passes to the conference on July 19! Each pass is worth $25 and will get you (and a spouse) into next Saturday’s event.

“I’m already pre-registered. Why should I participate?” Because if you win, you can transfer your ticket to a friend who has not yet signed up. It’s a win-win!

To participate in the contest, keep your eye on our Facebook page. (Tip: Hover over our “Like” button and click “Get notifications” so you see the contest instructions as soon as they post.)

There is only 1 week left to register for $25-per-couple! Register today, then tell a friend!